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See American Patients in Israel

Israel does not regulate psychotherapy as strictly as the USA. They only regulate the titles of psychologist and Psychotherapist and social worker.

-American laws.

Out of Network


A therapist licensed in NJ cannot practice in NY. You are limited to practice in the state in which you are licensed. Each state has their own laws.

In NY, neither provider nor client has to be physically in NY. “In New York State, a practitioner must hold a New York license, or be otherwise authorized to practice, when providing professional services to a patient located in New York or when the practitioner is located in New York.”

It may be a requirement for a practitioner to reside in NYS at least 6 months out of the year.

Don't forget to update your address with your state boards.

Important: Verify the client’s state of residence prior to providing telepractice services, as this may dictate those states in which a practitioner must be licensed.

Make arrangements, as appropriate, in the consumer’s local area to address emergency and crisis situations that may arise, and be knowledgeable of community resources that may be accessed in such situations.

Other states like California are different and require both or one of the provider or client to be in the state physically.

Generally, Telehealth clients need to be residents of the state your licensed in. If they leave temporarily then OK.

What if my patient went to Israel for the gap year? Unclear, You can work but better not permanently, more short term.

Phone or video sessions are considered Telehealth.

EBG Law’s Teletherapy Laws app

List of telehealth laws by state

In person office visits

You can see a private pay patient in Israel as long as you are licensed in Israel. Their citizenship is irrelevant.

In Network


Use Headway or Alma. They’ll help you do your CAQH. Put me as a referral!

Can you see someone in network for cash?

In person office visits

Can you see a private pay patient across state lines? For example can a NY licensed clinician see a NJ resident in the clinician’s NY office, if the client lives in NJ?

Can I see patients with American insurance, in person, in Israel?

Out of Network reimbursements

How is this affected? Advekit etc

Can you see someone in network for cash?


Insurance liability coverage

Make sure your insurance provider in the USA will cover you out of the country.

You should have Israeli coverage also but it is not required


You must sign a BAA for your video, email, phone, text platform.

WhatsApp is not HIPAA compliant.

Doxy is free for video chats and is HIPAA compliant.

Gsuite and google voice cost 6 and 10$ monthly to allow for signing the BAA to become HIPAA compliant. (prices have changed)


Should you open in the states as a PLLC or independent contractor?

Dual taxation – Social security benefits

There is a treaty to avoid double tax. But you still get stuck double paying Israel for Bituach Leumi while also paying the USA 15% social security taxes.

Open an Israeli company and become an employee as a workaround, but make sure you are bought into the Social Security system first (40 credits of work experience).


You can phone Misrad HaBriut at *5400, to inquire about regulations if you have a particular question


Multi state licensure